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the story.


Welcome to alphabet soup., where the art of hand-embroidered and hand-lettered garments comes to life.

I truly believe that I don't just embroider garments; I fashion memories, cherished gifts, and timeless heirlooms for all ages. 


My journey began as a personal quest to rediscover my creativity after embracing motherhood. Through this process, I've poured my heart and soul into creating unique and unforgettable pieces, destined to be treasured. 

With wholehearted dedication, I prioritize quality over quantity in every stitch. I deeply value the role my garments play in your special moments, adding an extra layer of meaning to the milestones and memories you cherish. I approach this responsibility with utmost care, ensuring that each piece carries the essence of your unique experiences.

Thank you for joining alphabet soup. on this journey.

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